Vivitar Dvr508 High Definition Digital Video Camcorder with 1.8" LCD Screen with 4x Digital Zoom

rate 2.5

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  • Brand: Vivitar
  • Category: Camcorders
  • resolution: 720P

The powerful DVR packs loads of features into easy-to-carry technology. Capture the moment with dramatic stills or action filled videos- all in high definition. When you're done, print your photos or share your videos which are stored on convenient SD media cards. With 4x digital zoom, 3 AAA battery power source, and 1.8" LCD, the DVR 508 is the perfect companion for those on the go!

  • 1.8-inch LCD Screen - 4x Digital Zoom
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • 720P High Definition Recording
  • Vivitar Experience Software Included
  • Requires 3 'AAA' Batteries (Not Included)
  • Video Clip1280x720 at 30 FPS
  • Built In Memory8 MB, 2 GB NAND Flash
  • Storage MediaSD Card (Up to 4 GB)
  • Zoom4x Digital Zoom
  • ApertureF/2.8 f=4.8mm
  • File FormatAVI
  • LCD Display1.8" TFT LCD
  • OSD LanguageE/F/G/I/S/PO/TC/SC
  • Video OutNTSC/PAL
  • PC InterfaceUSB 2.0 / 1.1
  • Power Source3 x AAA (1.5V)


paul "TheMega" 4.0
37 of 38 people found the following review helpful
Got this as a gift and did not expect much from it. However, I have been surprised that is does a good job and doesn't run the batteries dead in no time, as I had expected it to. It is not much use inside, in a dark area or at night... and the so-called 'light' that is included is a poor joke (it does work if you are using it for something up close, like when I filmed my pet in the middle of a dream, apparently dreaming it was in a fight to the death with 12 Grizzly bears, and did not want to f ... lick on the overhead light and wake it up).The HD quality is pretty good but seems to lag just a little (when filming up close or LARGE items - should be ok for sports where players are farther off, altho I have not personally tested this) so I prefer to keep it on a little lower setting, which really does not seem to affect the quality at all.Due to the conflicting specifications as to it taking either a 4GB or 16GB SD card max (online says 4 and the manual says 16) I finally... More >
J. Hastings 5.0
64 of 70 people found the following review helpful
I bought this as an early Christmas present for my brother who is not in the technology ages. He loves it and is able to use it with ease. It is small enough to take everywhere but not too small that it is hard for him to use. He really likes how easy it is to use the video and camera, download on the computer and share with everyone. The price was an excellent deal for the perks it has. It came with everything needed to record and use on the computer. The screen is big enough to see what ... you are recording and again, with the screen open it is not too big that it is uncomfortable to use. More >
Minzoku Bokumetsu 2.0
12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
I got this on clearance for $15 (50% off), which undoubtedly speaks volumes right there. To make a long story short, it's good for taking really quick video like, "Hey guys, this is my new cat!" If you're looking for anything archival, look a little harder. Even in a well-lit room, it doesn't pick up light very well, and even with three brand new AAA batteries I only got about five seconds of video before it said it wanted new batteries. (To be fair, they're rechargeables, so I don't know if ... that's a factor since all I have are rechargeables.)But it's cheap, in EVERY sense of the word, so what do you want. If you want something that lasts, look for something with an optional POWER CABLE at the very least, or you'll be feeding the battery monster for not much return on your investment. More >
bb 1.0
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
This camera is cheap for a reason, reminds me of a toy. batteries die within what seems like minutes. i'm just going to throw it away, I don't want another one.
Paul Graviano "Paul G." 4.0
94 of 102 people found the following review helpful
On Christmas day 2011 I ordered the Vivitar DGTL Video Recorder DGTL Video Recorder with one of the Amazon Gift Cards I had just received. I wanted to photograph a video of the H.O. Gauge Train Layout I was building to show to some friends & relatives. It's small, easy to use, and the instructions were pretty clear & simple. I was using it a few minutes after unpacking it. It was worth much more than the $49.95 price I paid for it, but the quality was less than I had hoped for when photograp ... hing small objects close-up. It Is rated as "Hi-Def" but as with digital still cameras, the megapixels are not as important as the optics. A Hi-Def camera with lesser optics does not really produce a Hi-Def video. If you want an example of the quality, go to YouTube and search for Trains as of 12-29-2011.mp4 which was recorded with this recorder.Wanting better detail and quality, I then ordered a Panasonic Video Recorder... More >
Bargain Finder 3.0
21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
If you keep the focus on nearly full-wide (which is really a 'normal' viewing aspect and is not Wide by any means, you get a decent picture. Once you try zooming-in, it gets all pixelated. (Must be a digital zoom...not an optical zoom). And' I'd suggest leaving the meter set to 'multi' as opposed to 'center' as it will react more accurately to changing light and half-light half-shadow areas. My guess however is that it isn't above the quality of a good cell phone video. But it looks nice with th ... e flip out screen. (And it IS small). And it's nice to have Alkaline batteries as the power source instead of a built in rechargable. A quick change of batteries keeps you in business...and alkalines don't loose power sitting around for weeks in the unit like a rechargeable built-in would. The nicest part is the SD card (at extra cost) which you can quickly remove, stick it in your computer's ard slot, and have the computer's media player show the footage ASAP (besides seeing it on the... More >
necronautx32 1.0
47 of 59 people found the following review helpful
this camera is a total rip-off, they say "you get what you pay for" well i guess that is true in the case of vivitars crappy camera. This thing is like the pinto/yugo of digital cameras. I for starters it took an hour to get the thing just to turn on (it takes 3AAA batteries---and uses power like a vegas casino sign, I got not even 1 min. of use before it shut off cuz of "bat. low" I switched out several differt batteries, some of them new, Yeah, for reals !!!) After that I had to deal w/ the ... fact that it only records under the the most optimal of lighting cond. so if your thinking about using this "peice" indoors at night, forget about it. I gave it one star in the reveiw, only cuz I can't give it just a half-star. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS "HUNK-OF-JUNK" IT'S A WASTE OF MONEY/ YOU WILL REGRET IT ! More >